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SHOTKAM | Scoops | Technology

Is the latest in shooting aid technology. SHOTKAM is a high definition camera that operates at high speed to capture all the action as seen when looking down the barrel. SHOTKAM records and replays all the action in slow motion allowing you to see barrel movement, lead, follow through and target impact. SHOTKAM interfaces with any smartphone or pc, allowing playback on several devices.



CLEVER MIRAGE | Ammunition | Competition

Two times Olympic gold medal and world record holder. Clever Mirage offers competition shot shells in four different speeds T1, T2, T3 AND T4. You immediately will notice the exceptional performance next to the lower felt recoil in these Top Rates shells.



FABRAM | Shotguns | Sporting

Fabarm continues to dominate the semi-auto market with it's XLR5 Semi-Automatic shotguns. The XLR features state of the art mechanics sporting the fastest cycle of all semi-automatics in the market. The new Axis RS12 QRR over/under with its floating barrels, interchangeable rib and adjustable stock offers the shooter in-matched features at an attractive price.

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