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Everything you need to enhance your shooting experience!

About Body Armor:

Finding effective body protection at an affordable price has been a challenge until now. BulletSafe's bullet proof vest provides IIIA protection against handgun calibers and class IV protection with available front and back plates. This body armor is lightweight and concealable while giving you the protection you need Adjustable straps at the top and sides makes this vest easy to fit your body dimensions. Vests come in a wide range of sizes and will fit all body types. This vest is perfect for store owners, security personnel, and those engaged in the transportation of high value goods.


BulletSafe offer in size S, M, L, XL, 2XL

See BulletSafe spec sheet for more information.


About Premium EYEWEAR:

Pro Sporting Goods has the shooting glasses your looking for. From Randolph Engineering, we carry the Ranger XLW, Edge, Sporter RX, and Classic dual lens frames and lenses, and the new Falcon and Falcon Pro single lens shield frames and lenses. We also carry a complete line of line interchangeable lenses for all current model frames including the Color Mag premium Lens. From PILLA Performance, we carry the Outlaw X7 and 560 Rhode Edition frames kitted with multiple lens colors to cover all shooting conditions.

Premium Eyewear

Complete line of Ranger and Pilla shooting eyewear

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About Safes:

Pro Sporting Goods offers Safes


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